Herchive is a visual archive of women and non-binary artists throughout history. These are a few of my favourite illustrations, including the Milly Possoz portrait shortlisted by the World Illustration Awards 2021.
You can buy some of these portraits as art prints here.

Role: Illustration, Curation, Visual design

It began in 2019 as a digital project to address the lack of visibility and representation of women in art history, with the first gallery retrospective in March 2020 at Ó! Galeria Lisboa in Portugal.
The opening doubled as a launch for this 96-page hardcover book, showcasing the artwork in the exhibition. Featuring 39 female and non-binary artists from 10 CE to today, all book sale profits were donated to feminist union Umar Feminismos and feminist documentation centre and archive Elina Guimarães.

Text by: Melisa Gray-Ward