Olá! I’m Patrícia Mafra, a Portuguese illustrator, based in Berlin.
My work is mainly digital but I enjoy exploring different materials & techniques in a joyful blend of colours and irregular shapes.

In addition to my illustration work, I had fun teaching Character Design and Visual Culture and curating the Herchive project.

On my free time you can find me looking at foxes, falcons and squirrels at the park︎

︎ pazenhamafra@gmail.com

let’s talk! If you need brand illustrations / editorial illustrations / icons / character design / any fun project I might be a good fit

selected clients AARP, Babbel, Fundação EDP, Live School, Makro, Nulab, Path, Rasa, Snapchat, Skift, Taxfix, WeChat, Zedge

online Instagram / Behance / Dribbble / LinkedIn / SHOP

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